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Grand Rounds: Introduction

Supplemental Guide to resources covered in Grand Rounds Workshops


This is a supplemental guide for the Grand Round Library Workshops.


The tabs above cover how to: 

  • Use export references from databases to import and create filled out references in EndNote

  • Use EndNote to collect, manage, and then insert formatted citations in a Word Document - with the click of a button.


For overall resources that Optometry students and faculty will find beneficial, use the Optometry Guide - it contains all our Optometry related article databases, media databases, eBooks, apps, and current online journals.


Here are some common questions that have come up during the Grand Rounds workshops.

  • Can I save my EndNote Library folders on the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, Cloud, etc.)?
    • No. Save your new EndNote library folders to your computer (any location there is fine - documents, desktop, other folder, etc.). If you save them to the cloud, over time, they will get corrupted and your EndNote library won't be able to function anymore. Keep the two folders (a .enl folder and a .data folder) both in that same location (ex. documents, etc.) 


  • How do I avoid possibly losing all my EndNote references when updating EndNote software or syncing my desktop and online EndNote libraries?
    • Your references that you had in your older EndNote version should show in your new EndNote X9 version. However, you can make a backup copy of your EndNote Library by clicking on File, click on Compressed Library, and then choose between the options "Without File Attachments" (save space and use find-full text tool to recover pdf files) or "With File Attachments" (in cases where Click Next and you'll be able to save a backup version (.enlx) file. 


  • If I convert my EndNote Word document to Plain Text, can I reconvert it back to the EndNote version (where the references in it are linked to my EndNote Library)?
    • No. That is why it is important to save two copies so that you can compare and make changes to the EndNote version. Word will give you the option to save the EndNote version of the document when you clicking on the button to convert it to Plain Text and then you can save the new Plain Text version. Make sure to make the titles clear for the two versions. 


  • Why isn't the EndNote tab appearing in Microsoft Word?
    • If you have the latest version of EndNote (currently X9), then update your Microsoft Word to the latest version (free for MBKU affiliates) to see if the tab appears then. If you don't have the latest version of EndNote, then download it from the MBKU library or from the IT department for free.

Other Useful Resources