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Printing on Campus: Steps

How do I print on campus?

How to Print

How can I submit a print job?

You have a couple of options:

Library computers - desktop printing

Follow the directions posted on the computers. Login to the library printer to get your print job.

B/W or color

Library computers - Web Printing

Must be connected to MBKU User wifi before you click the link below. (Not MBKU Guest wifi).

Upload print job at under "Web Printing" tab (left side).

B/W or color

Limited to whole PDF, JPEG, PNG files

Mobility Printing

Must be connected to MBKU User wifi before you click the link below. (Not MBKU Guest wifi).

Download PaperCut to Windows 10 laptop, Mac, Chromebook, iOS device with Upload print job under "Web Printing" tab (left side).



B/W or Color

What is my printing login?

Your full MBKU email address (ex. and email password. 

Need help with your email password? Learn how to look up your original password or reset your email password here.

Where did my print job go?

To a central queue. If you don't retrieve/print out the job within 3 hours, it is canceled and removed from the queue, but you are not charged.

Where can I retrieve/print out my print job?

Any of the printers below:  
  • Library Printer        
  • Fullerton C108 Printer (in the Basic and Clinical Science Bldg C, next to the elevator - in the eyewash station area)         
  • Ketchum Health 1164 Printer 
  • Health Professions Building, 2nd Floor (for student use only)

You can login to the printer with your printing login and release/print the job that appears in your queue.

OR, you can release/print the document(s) directly from the Papercut website where you uploaded the print job in the Web Printing method. Click the button on the left side called "Jobs Pending Release." You can select which jobs to release or click "Release All."

Printing Costs:

7¢ per B/W page        (14¢ for double-sided)

25¢ per Color page     (50¢ for double-sided)

Scan-to-Email is free!

Do your best to be green and reduce paper printing!

How to Fund Your Printing Account

At the start of each Fall quarter, your printing account is automatically loaded with $20 in printing funds from the IT Department. 

Once that $20 is depleted, you will need to add more funds to your account. You can add more funds to your printing account with PayPal. Check out the instructions below:

Follow these steps to link your badge and account (1-time only)

  1. Touch your badge to the designated area.
  2. Login on the touchscreen with your e-mail address and e-mail password.
  3. That’s it! Your badge is now linked to your printing account, so in the future, you can touch your badge to log in.
  4. Once you’re logged in, you can make copies, e-mail documents, or release print jobs.


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