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About Us: Searching MBKU Discovery

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What is MBKU Discovery?

MBKU Discovery is our search box and platform for our catalog and databases, including books, ebooks, journals, ejournals, and databases. Using keywords, article/book title, authors, etc., it searches across several databases and publishers simultaneously (e.g. catalog, pubmed, ClinicalKey, Science Direct, Ovid, DOAJ, etc.). It has it's own unique filters, and while they can't substitute PubMed's filters, they will help narrow down your results to be most relevant.

Important tips:

  • For InterLibrary Loans (ILLs), use the "Request InterLibrary Loan..." online form links below results that we don't have immediate access to - article/book info will populate automatically in the form. A librarian will send you the full-text article as soon as a lending library sends it. Physical books will take up to 10 days because of the mail.
  • Double-check that you are looking at the correct publication year/edition when seeing if something is available.
  • eBook copies of physical books may appear in the same or separate records in the results list - keep an eye out for "Access Online" or "Find Full-Text" links under book record results. Different vendors affect where the link appears.

How do I use MBKU Discovery?

Click play on the video below to see a demonstration of searching in the MBKU Discovery search tool, or follow this link to view the video in another tab.

FAQs Related to MBKU Discovery


Q. Do I have to be connected to the MBKU wifi to search for or access articles/books?

A. Nope, you can use any wifi access or mobile data to search for articles/books. To access them, use your Library Resources login (same as your full MBKU email login).

Q. When using the interlibrary loan system, what is the average time to get a requested book or article?

A. For articles, you will be emailed a copy of the full-text pdf within a few days – usually takes just one day. For books, it takes up to 10 days to receive it because of shipping time.

Q. Can I use Boolean search operators (i.e., AND, OR, NOT) to help narrow down the results?

A. Yes, you can. Type in the Boolean Operators you’d like to use into the basic search, or click on “Advanced Search” to use drop-down menus to combine keywords with different Boolean Operators.

Q. What if I forgot my Library Resources password and can't log in to get access?

A. The Library Resources password is the same as your MBKU email password. If you don’t know your email password because it autofills in your browser, then reset your email password. Your Library Resources login will reflect the new password within 1-60 minutes.

Q. Can I download ebooks?

A. Some ebook vendors will allow you to download the entire ebook, or just some chapters, or only allow you to read chapters online.

Q. What's my library login?

A. Your Library Resources login is the same as your MBKU email login.

Q. What is EndNote?

A. EndNote is a citation management software that organizes your references and works with Microsoft Word to insert and automatically format references according to many different citation styles. Most MBKU affiliates are eligible to receive the access code to download the software for free. MBKU affiliates can contact to find out if they are eligible and request the access code for the download. The Librarians have created an EndNote Guide to help you get started using it.

Q. How do I create an EBSCO account?

A. You’ll see a message at the top in yellow saying “Welcome, Guest” and should login. Once you do, using your Library Resources login, you’ll have the option to click “Sign In” on the top purple bar. Now you can register a new account, or link your Google account to your EBSCO account. Logging into an EBSCO account let’s you save articles/books into a permanent folder and create subfolders to organize your research.

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